1st Candy for our own egagement

Everything start with our engagement. You know right when it comes to your big day, you are dreaming lot of things to be happen and you're going to make sure it become reality. So one of my dream is to have our own candy buffet during my engagement day. So, I've browsed everything about the candy buffet! Alhamdullilah everything went well and we started exactly from scratch. So myself and fiace decided a pastel and colorful color for own engagement. Same goes to our candy :)

Starting from here, lots of my friends and strangers asking and talking bout our candy buffet. Everyone love it and give us very good comments. Thanks everyone. 

Keep up to date with us to know more about Sugar Town!

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Sharz said…

p/s : kasut pink like it! =D
"cikkin" said…
boleh tau tak gule2 tu beli kat mane?