Red & Orange @ Klana Resort, Seremban

This one is our 3rd candy buffet for others, Alhamdulillah.. more people trust and love our inspiration and concept.. We never disagree that experiences is the best teacher. Thank you for your support. So, kali nie, the theme is red and orange. I rase this colors pon not a common colours for wedding kan. But, seriously we love the colours combination.

Owh this one, die ambil package A, Package yang paling kecik sbb tetamu die tak ramai. very exclusively invited. But, with additional items and choc fountain machine + 2kg chocolate. Owh ya, btw this time our inspiration is animal, duck and bird. Suka hati je kan. hehe.. But, end up ramai jugak yg tgur our animal inspired. hehe..

The duck so cute kan! very the ayu :D

If you noticed, previously we do have cup cakes and macaroon, this one we do have apam polkadot. Chantek kann the colours. and sgt sedap okay! Here, I wanna emphasize, our package is flexible. If you nak doughnut for example, also can.. Just contact us and give ur preferences, we definitely do your best for your big day :) 

This is our first time having chocolate fountain. Seriously, sgt nervous time nk melted and fountained it on the machine, but thank God everything went well. Just mula-mula tuh tak seimbang. But dgn kepakaran my fiance, dah okay and chocolate pon jatuh dgn chantikkk.. hehe.

For your info, this wedding is unlike previous wedding. Kalo last time, the wedding is buffet concept. So people boleh dtg sesuka hati and mkn pon sesuka hati. This one is a served wedding concept.. Eyh betol ke term tuh? haha.. Wedding nie die mcm dinner, every one makan at the same time. So what happen was, when the MC announced "Para tetamu boleh juga merasa stesen gula-gula di belakang" dan dan je, kitorg smua kna serbu! Nie tak kire budak dah, pakcik, abg macho, nenek, awek smualah serbu. Kelam kabut okay!!!

Seriusly memang tak ckop tangan, siap beratur. Abg nie plak die tak smpt, sian die, so die ambik buah yg dessert tuh die bawak ke belakang den celop our chocolate.. Hehe.. Sorry bang, mmg skejap gile habis. kalo nk merase, bleh la contact us for your event k :)

Thanks for your support..