New Premium Package for Birthday Party

Hi lovelies,
Alhamdulillah, more and more emails coming to us asking about themed candy buffet.
To add more "sugar" in your event, we offer you new package for birthday party.
This package is sooo special as everything will be custom made and made specially according to your theme :D

Package custom birthday party: RM700
- 1.5kg birthday cake (buttecream, sugar paste & edible image)
- 25pcs customized fancy cookies
-12 pcs premium homemade cupcakes edible image L size
- 50pcs customized lollichocs (edible image)
-100pcs apam polka dot
- 100pcs marshmallow stick
- choki2 (50pcs)
- biscuits (500g)
- 30 customized lollipops
-chewy candies (500g)
-jelly bean (500g)
-jelly (20pcs)
-2 balang home made smarties choc chip
- Chocolate fountain machine with 2kg chocolate fondue

Ideas for Birthday Party?
Taken from google.