Why Sugar Town Candy Buffet?

We have deep passion in making your event sweeter...affordably :)

We never compromise on quality even we provide cheaper candy buffet service.

Top reason why u need to choose Sugar Town:

1. We have the best apam polka dot with blueberry/chocolate/strawberry filling u can choose from. Customer memang puji apam ni sangat lembut dan sedap compared to apam polka dot yang pernah mereka rasa.

2. We will customize your labelling according to your theme :) Our designer sangat talented!

3. We choose the best home made selection..ahhh did we tell you about our awesome smarties choc chips? Its just heavenly sedap. Bukan choc chip timbang. Choc chips homemade guna premium ingredient. Sape2 nak tempah for raya pun boleh rm30 per balang.

4. Ohhh n of course our chocolate fondue!! it will flow nicely and it tastes great!! Our customer puji2 n siap mengidam our chocolate. It is not cheap. It is high quality branded milk chocolate.

4. Our fresh fruits. We buy all our fruits kat hypermarket, high quality fruits...if strawberi xde stok, kami sanggup pegi 5-6 stores nak carik strawberi n sanggup beli yg mahal gile punya (even xuntung) asalkan customer puas hati.
5. Decoration :)

6. Price!! Do you know that setting up candy buffet can be so tiring? Filling up the jars, do the decoration, design the concept, potong and cucuk buah, buy stuffs etc. Kami juga provide rental choc fountain tapi rata2 customer pulangkan mesin n feedback it is more worthy if amek dari kami...sebab harga lebih kurang sama minus penat and drama. We know how to handle candy buffet..especially this is the most "busy" corner in any event! And we are extremely happy and excited to see a lot of interesting character hehe

We only offer the items that we ourselves want the items to be on our own candy buffet table. We only serve the items that we have tested and verified it is tasty enough.

We know that in any event, if you have candy buffet table...you need to refill a lot! Decoration and the amount of items must be balanced. Yang penting banyak, so your guests happy :) That is why at sugar town,  we can give you the large package, compared to just small package at other place, with the same price.

Because we know we have really huge responsibility when customer put their trust on us.
On the side note, we learn in every job..we learn a lot from our customers...tq for all your support and kind advice :)

InsyaAllah we will do our best :D


Cik Keeya said…
How much u chrg 4 wedding?
Cik Keeya said…
Brapa chrg 4 wedding?
Orkid said…
Hi dear,
we have the same price for package regardless any occasions.
Please visit here for quotation ya :) http://ilovesugartown.blogspot.com/p/package.html