Candy Buffet @ Irine's Wedding

Alhamdulillah. We had the opportunity to serve the famous blogger, Irine for her wedding reception in Masjid Tanah Melaka. The wedding was sooo beautiful. First time I met her after years following her blog.
She is very nice and sweet. Just like what you read in her blog.

The story begun when I received an email with a very familiar name. I was likeeeee is this for real?? haha.
She wanted to rent our chocolate fountain machine. Then we are like, hey, let us do everything for u! Since we really love her! hehee.

We had series of discussions through email. She is very kind. And very easy to understand to understand her taste as I am her silent reader for years! haha.

So here is the outcome. We really fall in love with the setup and this is one of our best collection :)

She said "Syg!! Tq so mucchhh! Ramai komen ckp besssttt candy buffet ni :) :) tp xdpt bergambar dgn candy buffet full dgn makanan. She also email me personally to say thanks. All i can say, she is a girl with full package, beautiful, humble and very kind :)

Irine, we at Sugar Town pray for your marriage until Jannah. Pray for us too :) And thanks for trusting us!

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Qistina said…
boleh tau klu package yg macam ni berape ye?